Excel - Pivot tables with text values or numbers without calculations


Create a Pivot table that displays text data or number values that are not summarized (count, sum, etc...). This solution does not require macros or long search/replace functions, just the Microsoft Power Query tool that comes with Excel 2016 or can be installed for free as an add-on in previous versions.

Fuel consumption spreadsheet

This spreadsheet calculates and keep track of the fuel consumption of vehicles. The result can be displayed in several ways including averages, statistics, graphics and multiple units. The main advantage of this spreadsheet compared to others is the ability to handle partial tank fills.

Last, the spreadsheet is not password protected so you can customize-it as you like.

PHP - Form2CSVTable

This application will convert all data submitted by an HTML form to a CSV table located in the same folder as the script.
The generated CSV file follows the RFC4180 standards.


  • Read/Write permissions of the script folder or destination file (safer).
  • PHP version > 4.0