What is it?

Decentralized Anonymous, Secure and Simple Message Board


  • No authentication (usernames or passwords).
  • No history or logs.
  • No user data collection.
  • Obfuscation philosophy (DASSMes servers can be hidden everywhere).


  • You can download, customize and run your message board in less than 5 minutes.
  • Simple key string for retrieving/sending messages.
  • No management/administration front-end required.
  • Compatible with all versions of all browsers and all operating systems since 1996.
  • No SQL database required.
  • Fast!


  • Single script application, high performance, no libraries, no 3rd party embed codes.
  • Strong encryption over the database records.
  • Simple code, very low hacking possibility.
  • Highly customizable.
  • Smaller decentralized databases: less data to be stolen or loss in case of vandalism.
  • No central database: each server has it's own.
  • Invisible for automated robots after customization.
  • Almost impossible to block after customization. Works with restricted corporate environments.
  • 100% open source.
  • Unique database for simple backup.


  • Install wherever you want, from your corporate Intranet to your own server or shared host.
  • Use from wherever you want, from a custom mobile application to the terminal of a *nix system.
  • Multiple script languages to be supported in the future (if there's demand for that).

Play with it

You can test and use DASSMes here: www.danbp.org/dassmesbasic

Using DASSMes

  1. Access the URL of the script (example: www.nomomo.com/messaging/dassmes.php ).
  2. Enter an existing key or invent a new one. Complex keys like "message-to-all-boyscouts" are recommended.
  3. If the record exists, the message will be displayed.
  4. Type your text and submit to save.
  5. The text will be stored under the chosen key.
  6. To delete a record, just save an empty message under the existing key name.

Requirements for hosting DASSMes(PHP Version)

  • PHP 5.3 or higher.
  • Read/Write access in one of the server folders.


Installation (PHP Version)

  1. Place the "dassmes.php" script in the desired folder of your web server. You might rename the script if you prefer.
  2. Create an empty subdirectory for the DB file. Use a difficult to guess name (Example: recsec_db_2014).
  3. Set the folder permissions to allow "read/write" on this directory from the PHP script.
  4. Edit the PHP script (dassmes.php) under the "Settings" section of the code. More explanations can be found inside the code.
  5. Optional: Customize the HTML output from the script under the "HTML Output" section of the DASSMes script file.
  6. You are done. Just test it from your web browser. The database will be created in the first attempt to use the system.


DASSMes Integration Interface and Directory listing (advanced)

Perhaps you want your DASSMes server to found by search engines and be used by other people or by other DASSMes servers and client softwares. This is possible by using the unified interface defined by predefined set of HTML Meta Tags. This feature is enabled by default and can be customized from the settings section of the server script. If you want the server to be 100% stealth you should disable the directory listing interface.

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