Prevent Chrome from signing in Google services

Prevent Chrome from signing in Google services

By Daniel
- Updated 6 years ago

Describes how to use Google Chrome synchronization feature without the browser automatic login in Google services (Drive, Keep, GMail, etc...).

When you sign in Google Chrome with you credentials it will automatically sign you in all Google services (Drive, GMail, Keep, Calendar, Search, etc...). This can be useful but can also expose your personal data since there is no default way to protect Chrome with a password.

Google says in the help page the only way to do this is by using the Incognito Mode. That's not true. There is a way to keep your Chrome Browser signed in and at the same time be signed out of other Google services. This takes less than 30 seconds and does not require the installation of any app or plugin.


  1. Sign in your Chrome Browser.
  2. Enter the Chrome flags configuration page. Type chrome:flags in the address box.
  3. Look for the #account-consistency flag and disable it.
  4. Restart Chrome.
  5. Go to the Chrome settings menu and go to the Clear Browsing Data setting.
  6. Erase all the cookies.
  7. You are now logged in the browser but not in Google services.

After doing this you still will be able to login Google services but now you can logout and stay logged out whenever you want.

Chrome Account Consistency Setting
Account consistency setting