PHP - Form2CSVTable

This application will convert all data submitted by an HTML form to a CSV table located in the same folder as the script.
The generated CSV file follows the RFC4180 standards.


  • Read/Write permissions of the script folder or destination file (safer).
  • PHP version > 4.0




  • Use the POST action on the HTML form to be submitted.
  • Your FORM must have the following HIDDEN fields:
    • table_name : The value from here will be used as the filename of the destination table (any extensions will be ignored)
    • redirect: The URL of the page where the user will be sent after the script is finished.
  • (Optional) Edit the "field_delimiter" setting on the PHP script to adjust how the fields will be separated in the CSV table. The default value is "," (comma) and should work in most of the cases.
  • (Optional) Edit the "strip_lines" setting on the PHP script to allow line breaks in the table cells.
  • Edit the "reserved_names" on the PHP script and add all the posted vars you don't want to be exported to the CSV file. The default list already has the common names.

IMPORTANT: If you are having trouble while opening the CSV files on Excel, verify the "field_delimiter" setting.

PHP 4 or higher
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