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Crossing the Andes on bike

By Daniel
- Updated 3 years ago
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During my the vacations of january/2012 me and a fried did this beautiful 835 km Mountain Bike tour passing by the higher mountains and volcanos of South America.

The trip was divided in two parts, the first one consisted of the route between Malargüe (Argentina) and Curicó (Chile) by the Paso Vergara. The second part of the trip had many route alternatives, we planned three options for the paths, the plan A, B and C. During the trip we decided to follow another track later called "Plan D".

This article was written to give details about the crossing and supply any potential adventurers with useful resources including maps, statistics and equipment advice. Please notice that only the part I and the part II plan D were executed by the author although I believe the others are perfectly viable.


General overview of the trip
General overview of the trip
Part 1 Track - Paso Vergara
Part 1 Track - Paso Vergara
Part 2 Track
Part II track - Plan A: Paso Carirriñe (Red), Plan B: Paso Hua Hum (Red + Purple), Plan C: Paso Tromen (Red + Yellow), Plan D (as done): Paso Hua Hum by Panguipulli (Green)
Part 2 - Continuation
Part 2 - Continuation

Tracks and Statistics

Preliminary plan

Preliminary program
Preliminary program

Final statistics

Distances and altitudes
Distances and stops
Altitude profiles - part 1
Altitude profiles - Part 1
Altitude profiles - Part 2
Altitude profiles - Part 2

Cartographic Distances

All distances presented here are measured between the center of the cities. The distances from the Part II plan A, B and C were measured on maps and do not include the vertical variations. The distances from the Part I and Part II - D were measured by GPS and are very accurate.

  • Part I (as done)- Malargue to Curicó at Paso Vergara: 306km
  • Part II - Plan A - Valdivia to Bariloche by the Paso Carirriñe: 463km
  • Part II - Plan B - Valdivia to Bariloche by the Paso Hua Hum por Riñihue: 402km
  • Part II - Plan C - Valdivia to Bariloche by the Paso Tromen: 645km
  • Part II - Plano D (as done) - Valdivia à Bariloche by the Paso Hua Hum and Panguipulli: 505km


Download of maps and spreadsheets


The maps, spreadsheets and detailed altitude reports can be found here.

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