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I can compile Marlin firmware for you

By Daniel
- Updated 2 years ago

If you don't have the tools or are having difficulties to compile the firmware for your printer (any printer) I can do it for you for a small fee. Please read the description of the service below and if you are interested, follow the instructions.

Please note that I am not doing this as my main occupation, it is just a convenience service from a guy that did this hundreds of times. Anyone can download and compile Marlin by following tutorials available everywhere.

Scope of the service

  • This service is provided for any printer/board supported by Marlin firmware from all manufacturers.
  • Based on the configuration files and printer setup sent by the user I will compile the Marlin firmware and provide a HEX/BIN file that can be directly uploaded to the printer.
  • All compilation requirements, including libraries and environment adjustments will be individually and manually handled by myself, not by an automated system. That's the reason this fee.
  • If the compilation fails because of wrong configuration files or insufficient printer/board memory, the user will be notified about the problem and will have two more chances to send the fixed/correct files. If after the 3rd trial the firmware fails to compile, a new payment must be made.
  • If I can't compile the firmware because of Marlin code bugs (there are many! ) I will provide a full refund of the payment - transaction fees from the payment processing company may apply, I have no control about that.
  • I will only be accepting requests when the status of the service (see below) is AVAILABLE.
  • I can take up to 48h to respond to inquiries. If I miss this deadline after receiving the deposit, the customer can request a full refund of the payment - eventual transaction fees from the payment processing company may apply, I have no control about that.

What is not included

  • I will not perform any modifications in the configuration files received. If changes are required, I will ask the end user to perform them and resend the files.
  • I will not test the firmware in real printers.
  • Support on how to burn the HEX/BIN files to the board.
  • Support for the bootloader re-installation and/or recovery of bricked boards.
  • Support or warranties for any damage caused to the printer by the new firmware. Please understand that the configuration files are responsibility of the end user and Marlin source code is provided without warranties by the Marlin team.


  • The service fee is USD 10.00.
  • I accept payments from PayPal or major cryptocurrencies.
  • The destination account /wallet details will be sent in the reply of the service request e-mail below.
  • I will not send the compiled HEX/BIN file for payments that are awaiting for confirmation, under dispute or that had been cancelled by the customer.
  • There are will be no refunds or recompilations after the HEX/BIN file was sent to the customer.

Service status

Not available


  1. Download the configuration files for your printer from the examples folder in:
  2. Edit the configuration files according to your preferences.
  3. Check if the service status above is available.
  4. Send an e-mail with the following information to [email protected]:
    • Printer manufacturer, model and year.
    • Printer board model and version.
    • Desired Marlin version (1.1.9, 2.x, 2.x Bugfix, etc...)
    • Attach the customized files:
      • configuration.h
      • configuration_adv.h
      • _bootscreen.h
      • _statusscreen.h
      • (optional) customized board/pin header files
  5. I will check if the provided information is OK and will send tthe payment details.
  6. After confirmation of the payment, I will send the compiled HEX/BIN file by e-mail and some comments if necessary.
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