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Submitted by John Rost on Wed, 05/12/2021 Permalink

I have a n Ender 3 Pro with a 4.2.2. mainboard. I also have a Version 3.1 BL Touch level probe physically installed on the printer and wired correctly. I have tried to run the printer with all different versions of firmware available online for this probe, however I cannot get a good print out of it, and worse it often crashes the BL Touch probe tip sometimes either trying to drive the nozzle into the bed during homing, or moving to the standard home position, dropping the probe tip, then moving back over the build surface, with the probe tip extended, causing it to crash into the side of the bed. I "did" somehow get it to work once. It homed, then tested all nine positions on the build surface, then it proceeded to perform a perfect print. So I thought I finally had it, but during the very next test print it crashed the probe tip again. And I've already checked. The harness connections are perfect all the way down from the probe to the connector on the main board. No pinch or other such damage. Also, the connections at the mainboard connector are seated correctly and epoxied solid, not allowing the slightest motion that could cause an intermittent problem such as this. I don't know, is there some buffer on the mainboard that could be failing intermittently? Could the probe itself have some fault internally? Even as I write this I begin to doubt, by the behaviors exhibited, that it might be any firmware problem you might resolve through new firmware. But maybe you've dealt with this in the past and I'm wrong. Maybe it "is" a firmware problem you could resolve. Please let me know what you think as I'm determined to get a working level probe on this printer. I'm tired of manual levelling. I'm prepared to spend a bit more to finish this project successfully. 

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