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I just wanted to thank you for this firmware.

I wasted much of last Sunday trying to compile firmware with no success.

Your website and firmware has saved the day.

I have an Ender 3 Pro but just upgraded to a dual drive Z axis, Micro swiss all metal direct drive extruder, everything worked very well before the upgrades but I just wanted to try printing higher temperature filaments.

I should have read your Requirements list as I had problems after installing the firmware as my Zstop was still the mechanical switch :-(

I removed the black and grey wires from the BL Touch plug and fitted them to a new 2 pin plug and put that in the zstop socket on the PCB.

Everything worked perfectly after that.

I am now trying to tweak the offsets etc to get a nice print.


Thanks again.

I will link to you from my youtube channel.

Trevs Shed

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