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Hi. I have a printer setup just like yours. I use the BLtouch with all the wires on the Probe connector.

If your wiring is done right, according to the diagrams on both the SKR Mini e3 v2 and on the probe itself, it will work with just two config changes.

BLtouch and Creality CR-touch are wired the same on the SKR board, I did check the probe pins diagram to see if they match with the SKR probe ports. They did.

Bellow are the changes that worked for me.

For them to work I needed to change only two lines in Configuration.h

  1. Changed/commented line:




  2. Changed/uncommented line:

    //#define USE_PROBE_FOR_Z_HOMING



Then compile the firmware and it will (1) use the probe on the 5 pins Probe port, and (2) use the probe for homing Z.

If your endstop is still connected to the board, move is lower so that it won't trigger before the CR/BL-touch.


Should work for  you as well.

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