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Can't thank you enough for this!  I only recently picked up an Ender 3 Pro, then started upgrading it, starting with the BTT SKR Mini E3 v2.  I got the upgraded board because I wanted to have an easier time performing updates and firmware changes, but when ended up happening is I traded one time sink (opening up the board enclosure and fiddling around with bootloader hacks) for another (screwing around with two config files and no clear guidance as to what does what).

I thought I had found the answers with a couple of walkthroughs presented by otherwise knowledgeable YouTubers, but then I started running into weird problems with the printing process that simple made no sense and seemingly had no answers.

Then I stumbled on this blog and realized I had made a couple of errors in terms of BLTouch settings, and with sound settings as well.  Who knew that enabling the speaker would activate a bug that prevented the part cooling fan from running at all?!

Anyway, I think I'm still trying to come to terms with the actual state of the industry, which I had assumed to be a lot more mature than what it apparently is.  But, thanks to your work, I don't need to spend a bunch of time becoming an expert in all the behind-the-scenes settings.  That will come in due time, AFTER I've had a chance to start producing some of these print ideas I've had lurking in my archives for years.  :D

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