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Submitted by corey on Sat, 07/17/2021 Permalink

I really appreciate what you've put up here.  I just found it from a random search, but I'm not sure why this isn't a well known reference in the subreddits and elsewhere.  After installing a BLTouch (on an Ender 3 Pro w/ SKR E3 Mini V2) I was having issues with failing to home with no z-axis downward movement with the BTT official binary.  I've built Marlin before, but was hesitant to reconfigure and rebuild for the BLTouch until I checked the installation out with BTT's binaries, but their binaries never worked for me.  I had nearly given up on the BLTouch when I found this load and it just worked!  Thanks so much for providing the resources, especially your whole Marlin configuration.  I can check all of your settings against my own now. 

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