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Submitted by Ciro on Mon, 10/12/2020 Permalink

Hi, Thank you. I Just installed your non BLtouch FW on a SKR Mini E3 v2 on an -otherwise stock- Ender 3 (using default end stops), and I really love your compilation. Will try to run some longer tests.

Just a quick question before the main subject of this post. Homing just X or Y behave as I am used to - stopping at 0. But when 'auto homing' or 'homing Z', after hitting the stops, X and Y go to  the middle of the bed. Is that intended?

Now the main point: a few days ago, a fix was committed to the BTT GitHub fixing several config issues (#421). Some of these sound troublesome if unchecked, such as the incorrect TMC current for the the stepper motors.
I checked my settings on the LCD display and they list TMC's as 800 for 4 steppers. The fix says that "correct TMC current values for Crealtiy/Ender-3 steppers. X/Y/Z should be 580 and E0 should be 650".

Does your pack include the correct current values in that fix?

Thank you again for the great work .



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