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Plutocalc Designer for Water and Wastewater systems

By Daniel
- Updated 3 years ago
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Plutocalc WaterPlutocalc Designer is a software suite for complete water and wastewater treatment plant sizing.

Plutocalc Designer consits of state-of-the art updated design models for several processes. With the minimum amount of imputs you get most of the parameters required to build a fully functional water or wastewater treatment plant.


  • Numeric solvers/optimizers that converge better and faster than any spreadsheet
  • Databases of chemical properties, coefficients and components
  • Latest design practices from reliable peer-reviewed scientific and engineering publications
  • Handbook for each process with literature references, comments and tips
  • API for connecting with external applications
  • Privacy first! No project/design information is stored in our servers
  • No installation required, 100% web based. Works on Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Linux and even in your refrigerator
  • Take your data with you! Export and import in open file formats (TXT or JSON)
  • Microsoft Excel Add-In for complete integration with existing spreadsheets
  • More than 100 unit conversions supported

Visit the Plutocalc Designer website and try it now!



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