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Submitted by Charles on Thu, 04/30/2020 Permalink

I want to say thanks first for the firmware, it was the one thing that got my Ender 3 Pro running properly using the BLTouch.

I have noticed - "Warn: Not sending "M141 S0", printer profile has no heated chamber " scrolling in the terminal window on OctoPrint. I think line -"#define TEMP_SENSOR_CHAMBER 0" needs to be commented out to "//#define TEMP_SENSOR_CHAMBER 0" to prevent this.

Plus, I think someone else might've mentioned that the version displayed onscreen still says v. instead of v2.0.5.3 like in the About Printer > Printer Info screen.

Otherwise, awesome!!!

I'm still battling the upgraded V1.1.5 board and extruder stopping randomly. I'm sure it's related to the TMC2208 and Marlin, as I've seen many issues form other people posted. Creality sent me a replacement for my original V1.1.4 that was having issues with x-axis. I received the V1.1.5 only to find it worked once then died, so Creality sent another replacement that has yet to arrive. In the meantime I ordered a new ATmega1284P and swapped it out. I assumed that because I could not flash the chip that it was dead and it came back to life again.

Long story short, I'm still waiting on the second replacement Silent board to confirm the issue is not a faulty board.


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