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Submitted by Christian on Sun, 02/16/2020 Permalink

Hi Daniel,


thank you for your excellent work! I have successfully flashed your Marlin Ultimate Edition to my Creality Ender 3X and it worked very well. Right now I am doing the next step and building a firmware on my own to be able to include some specific settings (e.g. PIDTEMP, PIDTEMPBED).


In the Configuration.h file on line 881 ("#define SERVO0_PIN 27") there is a remark that the BEEPER_PIN sould be set to -1 to prevent triggering the BL-Touch probe during the menu use. Although this did not happen when using your compiled firmware, I double checked the file (Marlin\src\pins\sanguino\pins_SANGUINOLOLU_11.h) and there BEEPER_PIN is set to 27 or 29 depending on the configuration and not to -1. Shall I change this value to -1 or am I missing something?


Greetings from Vienna,


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