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Submitted by Frederick on Thu, 06/25/2020 Permalink



Awesome guide and build! Thank you!


I do have 2 questions however:

1) For S Curve Acceleration to work correctly, do I need to disable Jerk and Acceleration control in Cura?



2) I'm new to BL touch. I've installed it, used this build and set my probe offsets.


I have this fan duct: with the spacer:

I used M851 to set Offset: X: -47 Y: -8

Next I used G28 to home.

Next I lowered the Z axis to position the nozzle close to the bed with a post-in in between and this gave me -3.4 as offset which I set with M851 Z-3.4.

(I have a glass bed which is quite thick).




Now, when I do G28 again it moves the Nozzle back quite above the bed, so I use G1 F60 Z0 to position it back to the real Z home.

I have noticed that sometimes it puts it back nicely where I put it manually when defining the -3.4 offset, but sometimes it seems to position it around 0.5 higher... This without touching the bed or glass.

What am I doing wrong?


Thanks a lot!





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