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Submitted by Eric on Sat, 05/09/2020 Permalink

I have an Ender3 with v1.1.4 motherboard.  Previously, I’ve installed a boot loader and I’ve kept the firmware the latest Marlin; I now run Marlin  I also have OctoPrint running on a Raspberry Pi 4 that I use as the primary interface to the Ender 3.  I bought the Creality BLTouch kit which includes a metal bracket for the sensor, a BlTouch v3.1, Pin 27 board, and wiring.  I will install the BLTouch and wire it per the instructions and I will install your Marlin- firmware with avrdude.  I have five questions, as follows.


You have some warnings about using your firmware on the stock board, but you also suggest that it has worked for many people.  So, is it OK to use your hex file for my firmware?  I always burn new firmware with Arduino IDE after the compile; will there by any problem with switching to avrdude with your hex file?


You mention the relative coordinates of the BLTouch mount to the Nozzle a few times and that the default is (-42,-5,0) and you show the M851 command to change the default.  How do I find what my setting should be given the metal bracket that came with the Creality upgrade kit?  I think in the comments to your post I have read that (-45,-6,0) is what I should use but I wanted to ask the question.


Once the sensor is installed and wired and firmware updated, I don’t understand the next step.  You write “IMPORTANT! BLTouch tip height must be adjusted according to the official instruction manuals. There are different BLTouch sensor clearences and the YouTube videos tips are wrong most of the times.”  The v3.1 manual on your linked site says nothing about adjusting tip height.  The manual that came with the upgrade kit has four steps where one uses the knob to adjust the Z height to get a thickness of paper and setting Z offsets to C=B+A, where A is how much you moved Z to get a thickness of paper in-between the nozzle and bed and B is a Z offset red from the machine, then you store settings.  This instruction seems at odds with your “Post Installation” section where you recommend using a credit card.  So, which instructions do I follow once I’ve updated the firmware and installed the BLTouch, yours or the ones from Creality?


If I do follow your “Post Installation” instructions, after setting it up with a credit card, you write “5. After enabling the bed level, print something large and flat to adjust the Z offset. The nozzle will always be far from the bed until you adjust the offset to a negative value (LCD -> Configuration -> Probe Z Offset). Don't forget to save the settings after the print to keep the offset in the memory.”  I don’t understand.  It sounds like when I start printing, it will print in the air and I have to adjust the offset quickly while filament is making spaghetti?  I don’t understand this step properly.  It reads as though the previous steps 1-4 to level the bed did not result in what I am after.


Sorry for the lengthy post and questions, however the information you’ve put together is excellent and I want to ensure I do this upgrade properly.

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