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The commands you see in Cura will later be adjusted be the firmware to include the proper Z offsets according to the bed level grid.

From what you described I would investigate the following possible causes:

  1. Make sure you have the proper height between the BLTouch probe tip and the nozzle tip. Every BLTouch version requires different clearances and I've seen several YouTube videos reporting the wrong values.
  2. Make sure you manually pre-leveled the bed before running the automatic bed level according to the instructions above. BLTouch has a limited action range and if a part of the bed is too far or too close to the probe it will report garbage data.
  3. Make sure your BLTouch wiring and connectors are OK. If any connection is lose the board will not be able to read the data properly.
  4. Run the G29 command from a Serial Terminal and check for errors.

If nothing works you probably have a faulty probe.

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