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If anybody has the same issues with BLTouch clones V3.0 (e.g. from 3DTouch) on their Ender 3 with this Firmware: This has now fixed it for me. I can see no downsides.

Since the menu item "Cmd: 5V-Mode" worked for me (but not the settings BLTOUCH_FORCE_SW_MODE or BLTOUCH_FORCE_MODE_SET and also not playing around with the BLTOUCH_DELAY that might fix that at start-up) I decided to just call at the beginning of G28 (Auto Home) the same routine that this menu entry does. That happens to be _bltouch_set_5V_mode(), which I simply call with the other BLTouch stuff that is already happening in gcode_G28(). Done!

    // Make sure any BLTouch error condition is cleared
    _bltouch_set_5V_mode(); //                               <-- This here

I feel I'm pretty safe with this: Every slicer, every macro, even G29 calls G28 upfront and fixes this issue for me.

I think I'll keep this now for a long while as my productive setup. Thanks to all of you here!


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