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If this is a probe based in the polemic and discontinued BLTouch 3.0 you have to uncomment the following setting in the configuration_adv.h

   * Safety: Activate if connecting a probe with an unknown voltage mode.
   * V3.0: Set a probe into mode selected above at Marlin startup. Required for 5V mode on 3.0
   * V3.1: Force a probe with unknown mode into selected mode at Marlin startup ( = Probe EEPROM write )
   * To preserve the life of the probe, use this once then turn it off and re-flash.

BLTouch 3.1 works in a different way, it has has an internal memory and will automatically save the state from the LCD menu command, no need to change the source if you are using 3.1 probes.

If you are not confortable with recompiling the source code can also try to load the 5V logic from the slicer settings by adding the following code before homing and before loading the bed level settings. No need to change the firmware...

M280 P0 S140; Set the 5V mode
G4 P2000; 2 seconds delay for the BLTouch


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