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Thanks for taking the time to make the changes and set the 5V.

I've downloaded the hex first and reflashed the MB. Checked it had the right version number or rather it had changed. It had. Set the BLTouch 5V command and did an auto bed level.

The probe went to the middle and executed correctly. It then went to the first corner and did two tests and worked OK. I can see that you have set the probe for a 5x5 matrix.

First row OK.

First point of second row OK 2nd point OK, 3rd point OK, 4th and 5th points OK.

3rd row OK

4th row fails and the Z axis just keeps going up.

5th row fails and the Z axix just keeps going up.

I then downloaded the source and rebuilt it, I made some changes due to the X and Y Position of the BLTouch but left the rest untouched.

before I installed, I looked through the source code and can see this is commented out.


Should this be uncommented and set up for BLTouch V3.1?

It also talks about 5V tolerant controllers. Does this refer to the probe or the motherboard?

many thanks




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