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Thanks for the comments re BLTouch.  I have noticed that I am getting severe disconnection problems Octoprint and my board as well. The board is out of the enclosure on the Ender 3 as I am constantly attaching the ISP programmer. I'm wondering if I need to put it all back in the enclosure and get it shielded again and if that is anything to do with it. However the BLTouch cable has to be mostly external as it connects to the Z Axis wiring harness. I have ordered a load of ferrite rings to see if that helps.

I'll reassemble everything when I get the 32bit board and I can then load a bootloader and work a little bit more hands off.

At the moment it's printing stuff from MPCNC (Bottom corners) at the moment. Looks OK, so far, 14 hours to go <sigh>.



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