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Thanks for the update. I wish you hadn't told me that your friend's identical setup works as this means I do have a problem :)


1. Am going to strip the machine back to the standard configuration

2. Download 1.1.61 (non BLTouch) from Creality, build and install that so I have a (hopefully) working stock system. Check that I have no issues  with the 'standard' firmware.

3. Then I'll reinstall the BLtouch (or rather I'll simply leave the BLTouch in place but plug it back into the MB), install the pile of crap that is the Creality software with BLTouch and see if that works.

4. If that works ok, I'll then try and move to your software.

5. If that doesn't work, I'll go back to the standard non BLTouch software in 2 and await the 32bit motherboard.

6. If that doesn't work, I'll introduce my Thor hammer to BLTouch V3.1 and then the Ender 3 Pro :)

What annoys me is that I was getting very good prints without the BLTouch last Saturday. I have spend 3-4 hours per day for the last six days trying to get this to work and I've failed miserably.

<Sound of man pulling toolkit out and dumping it on the table>


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