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The only thing I can see thats different is the BLTouch V3.1 vs V3.0.

I know that the 1.1.9 Marlin releases say they work, but I'm not sure it's true based on this. It could also be that I'm doing something fundamentally wrong and have not understood anything. This is possibly the most likely answer.

I'll download the source to your V1.1.9.1 release, compile and I'll set a video up to track what's going on. Before that I'll try to calibrate the Z probe offset for the 2.0.1 release. I'd like to get that working this morning and then I'll go back to the release and track that carefully. I'm a lot more comfortable digging into the code than digging into the Ender 3 Pro :)

Thanks for your hard work. I'll get there :)


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