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Thanks for the prompt response. The problem happened when doing "Heat Bed and Level"

I am using the Hex file I downloaded from here. So far to day I have tried

1. Ender-3-BL-Touch-Installation-master

2. Marlin_1.1.9.1_HEX - Yours

3. marlin -1.1.x

4. Marlin 2.0.1-Hex - Yours

5. Marlin- - Yours

6. Marlin-

The MB is out of the Ender 3 Pro so I can attach the ISP programmer, it takes about 10 mins to compile and load from the Arduino.

The equipment I'm using is:

* Ender 3 Pro

* BLTouch V3.1

* Creality V1.1.4 Motherboard.

I also have an Octoprint but am trying not to complicate the issue by changing too many things.

Currently the board is flashed to Marlin 2.0.1 (Your Hex version).

I'm now comfortable compiling the codebase, just that I'm more used to an old school Unix toolchain.

More than happy to try new firmware as I'm now getting pretty good at compiling and building, however I am struggling to get Marlin- compiled as the text size exceeds the space, but that's a different problem :)


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