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Submitted by Matej on Mon, 04/26/2021 Permalink


I've uploaded this version of marlin to my ender 3 with chinese 3D touch senzor. Worked like a charm ! But then I changed my Z rod (extending the machine in Z axis). I had to change my steps/mm from 400 to 1600 for the new Z rod, which wasn't  problem, I just uploaded the Marlin with correct numbers for steps/mm. But I have to switch back to my old rod and no mather what I do I can't change the steps/mm back. I've tried multiple uploads (of course everything in Marlin is changed accordingly as far as I'm concerned) but despite the fact that in the code in arduino IDE is written 400 for steps/mm in Z axis, after upload nothing changes and the stepps are still on 1600. I can' t figure out what to do. 

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