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Submitted by Thomas on Mon, 03/08/2021 Permalink

Hi Dan,

thank you so much for this very excellent tutorial and firmware. I got so frustrated with my Ender 3 and the BL Touch, I'd put in the corner and have not been using it for almost two years. Now that I found your tutorial, I (almost) got it to run perfectly.

There is one issue I stumbled upon and I'm not able to solve myself: I set the Z-axis to -2,6, which works really well in my case. However: sometimes the Ender 3 seems to double this value, the nozzle dives into the bed (already ruined one). I'm using Cura for slicing. Do you have a hint for me on where the error could be? Is there a gcode I can put into Cura to "erase" prior printer settings, so maybe (if this is the problem) the already set offset is not read again?





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