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Install DOW CADIX on Windows 10

By Daniel
Sat, 08/05/2017 - Updated 5 years ago
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This article describes how to install DOW Ion Exchange Design Software, CADIX on Windows 10 (64-bits or 32 bits).

Step by step installation

This tutorial was written for Windows 10 64-bits but should work for Windows 10 32-bits, Windows 8.1 and Windows 7.

  1. Download CADIX software from the official DOW Chemical website:
  2. Download the Visual Basic 6.0 Runtime Plus package from Sourceforge:
  3. Install the Visual Basic 6.0 Runtime Plus package. Select all options available in the list.
    Select all options for the VB Runtime Plus installer
    Select all options for the VB Runtime Plus installer


  4. Reboot the computer.
  5. Run CADIX installer. Make sure you select the option to install to all users in the computer.
    CADIX for all computer users
    CADIX for all computer users


  6. Take note of the installation directory location. We will need that later.
    CADIX Destination Folder
    Remember the destination folder


  7. Once installed, navigate do the destination folder.
  8. Right click on the cadix.exe file and from the menu select Properties.
    CADIX.exe properties
    Select properties from the cadix.exe dropdown menu


  9. Navigate to the compatibility tab and check Run this Program as an Administrator and then OK.
    CADIX Run as Administrator
    Check the Run as Administrator option
  10. In the installation folder, right click again in the cadix.exe file and then select the option Pin to Start, this will create a working shortcut in the Start menu. If you prefer to have a shortcut in the Desktop, keep pressed Crtl+Shift while drag the cadix.exe to the Desktop.
    CADIX Pin to Start
    Pin to Start menu to create a working shortcut


CADIX Registration

CADIX will run for about one month without restrictions. After this grace period you need to ask an activation key for you DOW Technical Support engineer. The activation keys are renewed every year.


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