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Hi Sir.

A very good day to you. I am from the Isle of Lewis in Scotland.

Your details of the Suzuki Jimmy and upgrading of the speakers came up in my search for I am having great difficulties finding out certain specifics so that I can choose the correct speakers.

I you able to help me with the following questions?

Regarding the front speakers of the Jimmy.

A) the front speakers, by your article. I gather the diameter of cutout hole is 10 cm? What is the mounting depth?

B) what is the correct cut hole size front speakers?

Regarding the back speakers of the Jimmy.

A) what is the mounting depth?

B) what is the cut hole size?

I wish to install this system into my 2017 Jimmy which I have not yet got I am collecting it October 5 from the dealership. But I am preparing that a company installs the system before I collect my Jimmy from the dealership, but the problem is that no one seems to know the correct mounting depth and cut hole sizes.

The system I wish to install.

-Front speakers-Pioneer TS-G1 033i (cut out hole size 106 mm), (mounting depth 43 mm) can this speaker fit?

-Rear speakers-pioneer TS-R1350S (cut out hole size 121 mm), (mounting depth 47 mm) can this speaker fit?

The amplifier GM-D9601.

The sub woofer TS-WX70DA

Do you think these all can work together the audio system that comes in the Jimmy is (DEH-X6800D AB)?

I would kindly appreciate your assistance. It would be greatly appreciated.

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