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Submitted by Marcos on Wed, 07/12/2017 Permalink

The wiring diagram of the Suzuki is not correct. Also, you are inverting the polarity of the speaker. That's no big deal if you put them inverted (they will be in relative phase), but things can get complicated if you put 4 speaker. Most probably they will end inverted. Based on my Suzuki Jimny, double checked by me, this is the correct wiring:


Read this as follows: Channel (cable color in a standard ISO connection) -> Cable color in the Jimny

Rear Right + (Violet) ---> Green

Rear Right - (Violet-Black) ---> Green-Black


Front Right + (Grey) ---> Blue

Front Right - (Grey-Black) ---> Blue-Black


Front Left + (White) ---> Red-Green

Front Left - (White-Black) ---> Black-Red


Rear Left + (Green) ---> Grey

Rear Left - (Green-Black) ---> Grey-Black


There are also some adapters sold ready, and common for Suzuki / Alfa / Fiat / Lancia / Ford / Nissan / Vauxhall...

Also, I recommend putting some quality plastic washer between the speaker and the car chassis to prevent vibration.


In any case, let me give you a big thanks for your fantastic explanation!.

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