ESP32 multiple phase DIY energy monitor


For months I've been looking for a non-intrusive energy monitoring solution for my home. The residence receives more than one phase from the utility company and because of that, the available solutions in the market based on open protocols are extremely expensive. Cheap alternatives always rely on cloud services and I don't believe any of them will remain online for too long.

Pre-configured Marlin for SKR Mini E3 v2 on Ender 3

This is pre-configured package for the 2.x Marlin Firmware for SKR Mini v2 boards on Creality Ender 3. The configuration files were specially crafted to extract the maximum performance of the printer while maintaining the manufacturer recommended settings. The download packages include both the source code and the compiled binary files.

This firmware will not work with 8-bit boards or Creality 32-bit boards.


Extra features enabled over the standard Marlin firmware configuration.

Install linux on an external drive without modifying Windows EFI partition

Live Linux USB drives are nice for testing purposes and with the new persistence modes they can also remember a few things between sessions. Unfortunately some features like the ability to update the OS or install drivers can only be accomplished with a full Linux installation.